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You can insert text with Unicode characters for a couple of languages into the textarea above and transfer the text by copy & paste to the desired location. Click on a language or an Unicode block to expand a set of buttons. Pressing a button inserts the displayed character into the textarea.
A glyph can only be displayed, if it's contained in an apropiate font. If you encounter problems, select another font or enter the name of a font installed on your system.
If you need HTML numeric code references (&#..;) rather than characters, please check "numeric".
You can create your own button set. Just type in a list of unicode values, give the set a name and click on "Add". You can enter decimal values as well as hexadecimal values (e.g. 0xf1). Values are separated by a colon and ranges are created by separating its start and end value by a hyphen (e.g. 32-44).
Button sets can be saved, loaded and deleted. Therefore you should have cookies enabled.
Requirements: Browser with Unicode and DOM support, JavaScript enabled.
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